General features

  • Motorway length (once construction is completed): 205 km
  • Cross section (once construction is completed): 2 lanes in either direction, with a central traffic island
  • Number of interchanges (once construction is completed): 24
    Existing Korinthos - Tripoli section
    • Length: 82.6 km
    • Interchanges: 10 (once construction is completed)


  • Sterna: Length 0.9 km (twin tunnel)
  • Neochori: Length 0.7 km (twin tunnel)
  • Artemissio: Length 1.4 km (upgrading of existing single tunnel and construction of a second branch)
  • Kalogeriko: Length 0.6 km (twin tunnel)
  • Rapsomati: Length 1.3 km (twin tunnel)

Motorway Service Stations (M.S.S.)

  • Four new stations at the following locations:
    • Spathovouni, Korinthia District (both directions)
    • Nestani, Arkadia District (direction to Athens)
    • Arfara/Ag. Floros, Messinia District (both directions)
    • Pellana, Lakonia District (both directions)
  • Preservation of the existing M.S.S. at Artemissio (direction to Kalamata)