MOREAS S.A. was established on 22/12/2006 and its shareholding structure is as follows:

  • AKTOR CONCESSIONS S.A., holding 71.67%
  • J&P-AVAX, holding 15%
  • INTRACOM HOLDINGS S.A., holding 13.33%

On January 31st 2007, the Minister of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works signed with the Concession Company MOREAS S.A., the Concession Agreement for the Project of the design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance of the Korinthos - Tripoli - Kalamata Motorway and Lefktro - Sparti Branch. The term of the Concession Agreement is 30 years.

The Concession Agreement was ratified by L. 3559/2007 (published in the Government Gazette issue 102 / 14.5.2007), while the decision of the European Commission, on the State Financial Support, was taken on 31.01.2008.

The project is supervised by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, acting on behalf of the Greek State. This means that it is monitored on a daily basis, on behalf of the State, by the Directorate of Operation-Maintenance of Concession Projects ("LSEP" - on operation and maintenance issues), as well as the Special Service of Public Works-Construction of Peloponnese and North Greece Concession Projects ("EYDE/KESP/P&NG - on design-construction issues).